FinFleet Northern Coalition.


Welcome To Finfleet

Welcome to the world of Finfleet.
Finfleet is a very old Eve Online corporation, dating back to August 14th 2003.

The following alliance that is known, we have been part of.

Alliance Northern Coalition. 2013.08.03 to this day
Alliance The Retirement Club 2013.06.18 to 2013.08.02
Alliance Raiden. 2011.01.25 to 2013.06.14
Alliance IT Alliance 2009.10.25 to 2011.01.24
Alliance KenZoku 2009.02.06 to 2009.07.17
Alliance Band of Brothers 2007.08.10 to 2009.02.05
Lotka Voltera
Chimera Alliance
Fountain Alliance

More to come.